power back up solutions

power back up solutions involves having power to light up your home as well as your appliances even when there is no power or there is failure from the mains,it involves storage of energy in high capacity batteries .When the electricity is available the batteries are charged by means of an inverter/charger.Some of the advantages of power back up inverters over generators include:

  • silent operation(no noise)
  • zero maintenance
  • automatic and smooth change over
  • no fuel is required
  • all our inverters are installed with a battery box at no extra cost

1.4kva inverter power backup

  • 1.4kva inverter+2*200Ah sealed maintenance free batteries The 1.4 kva inverter will be able to support all lights a tv point a computer point all lights1 tv computer
  • start from


    129,000 /=

2.5kva inverter power backup

  • 2.5kva inverter+4*200Ah atteries a 2.5 kva inverter will be able to support: all lights 2tv points fringe computer points2tvs fridge computer point all lights
  • start from


    255,000 /=

3.5kva inverter power backup

  • 3.5kva inverter+4*200Ah Batteries a 3.5 kva inverter will be able to support: 3tvs 2fringes all the lights computer points3tvs 2fridges computers
  • start from


    280,000 /=

5kva inverter power backup

  • 5kva inverter+8*200Ah batteries+installation Ideal for people with higher power requirements due to the size of their offices or houses.would be ideal for a house with more 4 bed rooms or an office with more than 10 to 20 computers. it can support: · Supports 4 tvs · 3 fringes · All lights · Computer points · Light appliances3 fringes · All lights · Computer points · Light appliances
  • start from


    520,000 /=

200Ah sealed batteries


  • 200ah deep cycle sealed batteries