Charge controllers protect your batteries from overcharging or deep discharging your solar batteries; they also ensure they optimize the solar being produced from your panels, especially for maximum power point tracker (MPPT) charge controller’s

With this protection, you can be sure your solar batteries will have a prolonged life span and the best output from your solar system

At 320 technologies, we have a wide range of charge controllers for your solar grid or off-grid project requirements, ranging from 10amperes to 80Amperes.

There are two types of charge controllers available for you:

  • MPPT charge controllers-for large solar projects(Maximum Power Point Tracking)
  • PWM(Pulse with modulation) charge controllers-for small solar projects.

Charge controllers may also be connected in series to achieve the desired amperage for a larger array of panels.

We have licensed solar engineers with up to T3 license from ERC Kenya to size and oversee your solar project to completion.

Some of the brands we offer are :



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