Borehole Test Pumping

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Borehole Test Pumping

Before a submersible pump can be installed in a borehole, a test pumping report is required to be able to determine the flow and the head of the pump.

320 Technologies has a complete test pumping unit to determine your borehole yield.  Contact us for a quote and get the borehole yield determined

Pumping Tests are a very reliable method to attain information used to investigate and ascertain the hydraulic conductivity, transmissivity and storage coefficient of an aquifer and establishing the hydraulic behaviour of a well.

Conducting well and aquifer pumping tests are essential and allows us to determine:

  • The catchment work’s operating yield by testing them at gradually increasing flow rates for a sufficient length of time
  • The quality of the water and possible variations during pumping (physically, chemically, and bacteriologically speaking)
  • The hydrodynamic properties of the aquifer in terms of permeability, transmissivity, radius of cone of depression, recovery, and storativity.

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